Why Your Bone Health Matters

Keeping your bones strong isn’t just about avoiding fractures—it’s about preserving the life you love. Here’s how giving your bones a little TLC today can pay off big-time tomorrow.

You’ll have a happier love life.
By keeping your bones healthy, you won’t have to worry that a single “wrong” move while being intimate with your partner could end with a fracture. It’ll also help you keep doing other activities you enjoy together, like going for walks in the park.

You’ll hold on to your independence.
The problems associated with osteoporosis—fractures and pain—can make it difficult to do everyday activities like bathing, getting dressed or fixing a meal. In fact, just bending over to tie your shoes can hurt. Taking care of your bone health means you won’t need to rely on others for regular assistance to do these things. 

You’ll look better.
Multiple fractures in your upper spine can cause your back to round forward. Painful, yes. Debilitating, too, because when your stomach and lungs are compressed into a smaller space, it’s hard to eat or breathe normally. Not only that, strong bones help you look your best. With them, you’re able to stand taller and find flattering clothes that fit.

You’ll enjoy pain-free movement.
Fending off brittle bones means you’re less likely to experience the pain of fractures, including tiny compression fractures in the spine—a common consequence of osteoporosis—that can lead to chronic pain. This can be a boon to your emotional health, too; staying pain-free means you’ll enjoy life more, avoid becoming depressed and have more energy to do the things you love.

You’ll have a richer social life.
When you have osteoporosis, fear of falling can start coloring your choices. Instead of meeting your friends at the mall, you may opt for the safety of home. Luckily, with proper treatment you can have the confidence to go out and stay active—which also means you’ll lower your risk for problems like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Published March 2014

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