Fend Off Fractures

  • Fend Off Fractures

    Taking care to do everyday tasks the right way can help you avoid spinal fractures by easing strain on your back.

  • Brushing Teeth

    Brushing Teeth

    DO bend forward from the hips to reach the sink. Keep your chest lifted, your back nice and long and your knees slightly bent.

  • DON'T

    DON’T keep your knees straight and reach the sink by rounding your back.

  • Making the bed

    Making the bed

    DO brace your knees against the bed for support. Extend your back and keep your chest high as you straighten the linens.

  • DON'T

    DON’T lock your knees and stand far from the bed. This forces you to strain as you reach.

  • Unpacking Groceries

    Unpacking Groceries

    DO keep your back straight and hinge at the hips to reach into the trunk. Lean your knees against the bumper to brace yourself, and lift just one bag at a time, being mindful to keep your shoulders back.

  • DON'T

    DON’T round your back and lock your knees as you reach into the trunk.

  • Washing the dishes

    Washing the dishes

    DO elevate one leg by opening the cabinet door below the sink and resting one foot there. Lean against the sink for support, and keep your back straight and your chest high as you reach into the sink.

  • DON'T

    DON’T keep feet flat on the floor and round your back over the dishes.

    Source: American Bone Health, Do It Right! And Prevent Fractures

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